Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals

Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals

Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals objective is to provide agents who choose to no longer actively participate in the real estate market a way to leverage their income based on their prior investments. In some cases agents choose to retire, while in other situations agents choose to simply follow a different career path. In both situations it behooves agents to join a referral company in order to leverage the investment they have made in obtaining and maintaining their real estate license and developing their sphere of influence.

Under Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals program, an agent activates their license with Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals and becomes eligible to legally receive commissions (upon closing) for the referral of clients. Since this is a “Referral Only” program the Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals agent is no longer actively involved in any part of the real estate transaction other than the referral of clients and the receipt of commissions through Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals. Therefore, the Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals agent no longer incurs any of the many costs associated with being an active agent. These costs include such things as E&O Insurance / Board / MLS / Lock Boxes / Advertising / Mailings / Gas / etc. When you have a referral client (buyer or seller), you must either submit your referral by completing the Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals, Client Referral form and submit it to your Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals Broker In Charge. At that time, you may select the Hilton Head Real Estate Partners agent you would like to work with your referral client or allow the Broker In Charge to select an experienced Hilton Head Real Estate Partners agent. In areas where Hilton Head Real Estate Partners is not directly active, your client would be referred to professional agents associated with our network brokerage partners. So, you can refer clients looking to buy or sell anywhere in the United States. Upon closing, referral commissions are paid to Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals and by Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals to you as the Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals agent.

Our commission plan is designed for the agent to retain all the referral income, less a $50 transaction fee. When you have a referral client (buyer or seller), simply Submit an Outgoing Referral to Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals. When the transaction is closed, Broker will pay Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals a referral commission and Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals will pay you that entire respective commission, less a $50 transaction fee.

Transaction Example:

Sales Price


Gross Commission

Referral Commission %

Referral Commission

Transaction Fee

Hilton Head & Bluffton Referral LLC Agent Commission








*Note: % may vary

Joining Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals is easy. Contact Jo Anne Rizza, Broker In Charge at 843-301-5825. Jo Anne Rizza will answer any questions you have and explain exactly what it will take for you to become an active, revenue producing, Referral Agent for Hilton Head & Bluffton Referrals. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can start collecting referral commissions. You probably know someone right now whom you could refer.

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