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We all want our homes to be as healthy a living environment as possible, and for todays luxury homeowners, wellness features continue to be among the most sought-after. Home gyms and amenities that rival a 5-star spa are certainly on the rise in an effort to promote physical and mental wellbeing, but one characteristic that […]

Homeowners insurance will protect you if your home is damaged by a storm, fire, theft or vandalism, or if an accident results in injuries. Your coverage and rates are based on the value of your home and its contents and the level of risk, but those variables can change over time. You should periodically review […]

Porches are very popular, but a screened porch is a must-have for some because of bugs and weather that is more worrisome than before. Screened porches offer an outdoor sanctuary in an age of increasing concerns about pest-borne diseases, which is one of the reasons they have been increasing in popularity over the years. They […]

Choosing a city to live in can be easy, but it can be a little more difficult to narrow it down to a neighborhood. Without leaving your couch, however, you can explore a neighborhood through these three social media sites on a computer or with smartphone apps: FacebookFacebook’s City Guides are a hidden feature that […]

If youre looking for a home and doing research on mortgages, you should have a complete list of your assets in order for a smooth transaction. When applying for a mortgage, if you dont have a sound credit history or anything to show you have some net worth, chances are you may be denied or […]

For those who want to spruce up their new home or make their current living space feel a bit more glamorous before putting it on the market, theres no better style to incorporate than Hollywood Regency. Having emerged in the 1930s amidst Hollywoods Golden Era, it was largely influenced by the opulence of the Art […]

If youre in the market for buying your first home, chances are you have some money saved but you might be worrying a bit about having enough for the down payment. This is especially true for millennials just a few years into the workforce who probably are just learning why their parents always told them […]

If youre considering buying a house with a home theater, or perhaps you want to put one in your current residence, the most important question that youre likely to face is whether to get a TV or projector. This alone will undoubtedly have a major impact on your viewing experience, so its worth digging into […]

Everyone wants a great kitchen. One of the most enjoyed spaces in the home, the kitchen is used for cooking, gathering and entertaining with family and friends. However, a great kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be a large one. If you have a tiny kitchen, below are a handful of tips to help you get […]

Kids today have a lot to distract them from doing their homework, like video games, Netflix, YouTube, texting and social media. And lets face it, a lot of adults are just as addicted to their phone as any teenager. So, as you move into a new home, consider designating a device-free room, a place where […]

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