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More space is one of the must-haves of just about everyone looking for a home, but if you happen to have a home on the market that has tiny rooms, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any interest in the property. It just means you may have to do some things to jazz it up. […]

Man caves and she sheds have been hot trends for years, but one of the best things to do with an extra room is to create a special place the whole family can enjoy. This is especially true as kids spend more and more time on their phones, and lets face it, kids arent the […]

If theres one part of a home where you can cut loose and have fun, its the game room. Whether youre a pool shark or board game enthusiast, having a designated area to spend leisure time with friends and family is a luxury that cannot be overlooked. While these recreation spaces can be a challenge […]

Between the craziness of work, social events and family, its difficult to find the time to clean the house, let alone do a deep cleaning. Although we all somehow manage to clean regularly enough to keep our homes looking and smelling fresh, many people also likely ignore some commonly overlooked problem areas. Are you ready […]

After a buyer has agreed to purchase a home from a seller, the escrow process begins. This is designed to make sure that all the necessary conditions and obligations are met so the transaction can proceed smoothly. Purpose of EscrowEscrow is designed to protect all the parties involved in a real estate transaction from risk […]

Picking out the right color scheme in each room can be daunting, but sometimes a simple monochromatic design is the best solution. When done properly, a single-color palette can make for a sophisticated and relaxing setting, yet achieving this takes careful planning. Before you get started, here are a few dos and donts to keep […]

With marble countertops being all the rage, its time we talk about how to care for this stunning surface. While it lends a timeless and elegant look to your kitchen and bathrooms, truth be told, the beloved stone can be rather high maintenance. Take the proper measures, however, and its totally worth it for a […]

In a typical real estate transaction, a warranty deed is used to transfer ownership. That means that the person selling the property owns it and has a right to sell it and that no third party has a lien against the property. A title search is conducted, and title insurance is purchased to protect the […]

A healthy lawn can make your home appear inviting to guests and can help you attract a buyer if you decide to move. Keeping your grass green requires commitment and an understanding of what your lawn needs and when. When and How to Water Your YardWater the grass in the early morning so the water […]

Between work, family and fun, cleaning your home can feel like a drag”but most of us can’t afford to hire a cleaning crew, and so the task of weekly tidying and disinfecting is unavoidable. To help, below are three daily habits to a cleaner home. Set a timer. Every night after dinner, set a timer […]

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