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As new homeowners will learn, borrowers need to provide their lender with proof of homeowners insurance for the full value of the property (usually the purchase price) in order to be approved for the loan. Typically, the standard insurance policy protects your new property and some possessions against damage or theft. But what, specifically, will […]

Game rooms are all about fun, but creating the perfectspace for recreationin your new house is serious business. In this digital age,a lot of parents are opting to feature a game room in their homes in order to promote family time that doesnt involve a screen. Its also ideal for social occasions, as guests will […]

If you are renting an apartment but want to buy your own home, youll have to save enough money for a down payment first. The amount will depend on the price of your dream home and the terms of your mortgage, but itll most likely be several thousand dollars more than you currently have in […]

Home theaters are becoming more commonplace as homeowners look to create convenient, comfortable and fun spaces where their families and guests can sit back and enjoy the show. If youre planning to upgrade an existing home theater, or perhaps install a new one, youll want to be sure itll provide the best viewing experience for […]

The interest rate on a mortgage will have a major impact on the amount of money you pay each month and the total you pay over the life of your home loan. Even a difference of a fraction of a percentage point can have a significant impact over decades, so you should do what you […]

When its time to sell your home, you want it looking its best. This often means putting your designer hat on and doing a bit of staging. One of the many areas to consider breathing new life into is your shelving. Though often overlooked, shelves are an opportunity to strike a balance between functional storage […]

It might not be anyones favorite chore, but cleaning your homes gutters is an essential maintenance task not to be overlooked. When leaves, sticks and other gunk clog your gutters, it can lead to serious and costly issues, such as foundation problems, leaky basements and attic damage. To help keep your home in good shape […]

Homeowners insurance companies adjust rates from time to time based on a variety of factors. Some of those factors are directly related to individual policyholders, and others have nothing to do with specific homeowners. If youve received a letter from your insurance company informing you that your rates will go up soon, you might be […]

Even though a burglary occursevery 20 secondsin the U.S., you can still protect yourself without installing top-dollar security features. Home burglary generally has a pattern; criminals are looking for an easy target they can rob fast. Learn from the pros. Here are five tips from career burglars you can use to defend your home and […]

Most homeowners are bound to use a portable ladder at some point, whether it be for cleaning out the gutters, painting, inspecting the roof or hanging festive holiday decorations. When up on that ladder, though, its important to stay safe and avoid falls. Every year, thousands of people across the country are treated in emergency […]

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