What Do Your Door Knobs Say About You?


Your home is your haven, and its style can say a lot about your personality. One feature can even hint at your traits when guests arrive”the door knobs!

According to Weiser, a security solutions provider, the following knob finishes can be indicative of your personality as a homeowner:

Bright Brass. Ideal for those with a sense of humor, bright brass knobs may be found in a home with colors that spark the imagination and promote positivity. The person with an affinity for this style may be a fan of pop music, chain restaurants and trips to Vegas.

Iron Black. Ideal for those whod prefer to be a fly on the wall, iron black knobs may be found in a home with understated decor. The person who chooses this style may be a fan of traveling to faraway countries and ethnic cuisine.

Satin Stainless Steel. Ideal for someone who likes a clean, modern aesthetic, satin stainless steel knobs may be found in an open-concept home with lots of windows. The person gravitating toward this style may be a fan of alternative music, jeans, the beach and sushi.

Rustic Pewter. Ideal for someone with a business sensibility, rustic pewter knobs may be found in suburban homes. The person opting for this style may be a fan of classic rock, sporting events, cheeseburgers and national parks.

Venetian Bronze. Ideal for someone who leans toward nostalgia, Venetian bronze knobs may be found in homes with a cream and rose color palette and Victorian decor. The person selecting this style may be a fan of classical music, designer clothes and fine dining.

Which style best reflects your personality? Does your personality match the knobs in your home? Feel free to knock on my door any time for your real estate needs!

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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