4 Ways to Make More Closet Space


Even if you love your house or apartment, not having enough closet space can be frustrating. If youre pining for more room to stock your clothes, kids toys or other items, there are simple solutions that dont require knocking down walls or moving.

Reduce.This is the first step to making more room in your closet. Were all guilty of hanging onto things we dont use. Make a habit of reducing your closet clutter seasonally. Ask yourself if you wore or used an item in the past six months”or even the past year. If the answer is no, donate it to a charity, bring it to a consignment shop or have yourself a yard sale. The two latter options could also help put some extra cash in your pocket.

Get creative with storage.Dont settle for simple shelves. Cubbies, bins and wire racks are great storage solutions to streamline your space. Adding rods or racks to the back of your closet door or the sides of your closet can provide additional stash space. Check online and browse the aisles of your local home improvement store to find even more creative storage products. If youre a renter, though, make sure to review your lease and consult your landlord before doing any major installations that might be against the rules.

Stagger.Theres no need to have only one or two hanging rods for clothes. Stagger your rods at different heights and lengths, and arrange garments accordingly. This will not only give you more storage space, but also make it easier to put together matching outfits”which can save you both time and frustration in the morning.

Look to the ceiling.Does your shelving reach all the way to the ceiling? If not, you could be missing out on several feet of storage space. Add another shelf (or three) to the top of your closet, and use that space to store out-of-season clothes or things you dont reach for on a daily basis.

With these simple solutions, you can make more storage space and stay organized, helping ensure you no longer cringe every time you open your closet to put something in or take something out.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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