How to Prevent Sun Damage to Your House


The suns ultraviolet rays can do more than cause sunburn and contribute to skin cancer. They can also damage your home, both outside and inside. Sunlight can cause siding, roofing, furniture, fabrics, and flooring to change and deteriorate over time.

How to Prevent Damage to Your Homes Exterior
A window can act like a magnifying glass and reflect sunlight, focusing it on a relatively small portion of a nearby houses siding. This can cause older vinyl siding to melt. If youve noticed that your siding has started to melt because of sunlight reflected off your neighbors windows, or if youre concerned about the possibility, planting trees or bushes around your house can protect the siding and increase your homes value. You can also replace your current siding with a newer model thats designed to resist damage from high temperatures.

The suns rays can cause roofing shingles to deteriorate, which can eventually lead to leaks. You can shield your roof from sun damage by applying a coating with high emissivity and reflectivity rates. It will create a waterproof barrier to draw heat away from the roof and keep the surface cooler.

How to Protect Belongings Inside Your Home
Sunlight streaming through windows can cause furniture, carpeting and artwork to gradually fade. You can protect your homes furnishings with curtains or shades, window film or UV-repelling sprays.

If you have leather furniture, a leather conditioner can help prevent fading and cracking. You can use a sealant to protect your wood furniture from discoloration. Choose a sealant thats appropriate for the type of wood used in your furniture.

Exposure to sunlight can also cause artwork to fade. Paintings on canvas can be treated with archival protection sprays, while framed art can be covered with museum-grade glass or UV-blocking acrylic.

Sunlight can damage hardwood floors and cause the color to change dramatically over time. If some areas are covered with furniture and rugs and others arent, the result can be a floor with a patchwork of different colors. You can protect your hardwood floors with pigment-based stains and finishes that contain UV inhibitors. Periodically rearranging rugs and furniture can also help prevent certain areas from becoming significantly discolored.

Protect Your Property From the Suns Effects
Many people dont realize how much damage sunlight can cause to their home until they notice serious problems and need to pay for repairs or replace furniture and other possessions. Fortunately, there are many simple but effective ways to protect your homes exterior and interior from the sun. Take action now to avoid expensive bills later.

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