On Average how Often is it Between Home Purchases for a Homeowner?

by Hilton Head Real Estate Partners February 09, 2016 0 comments
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Homeowners are Waiting 9 Years Between Moves

Homeowner moveIn 2015, the average homeowner waited nine years before moving. Prior to the real estate crisis the average homeowner spent only six years before packing up and heading out to find the next home that better fit their needs. 2014 saw the highest amount of time that homeowners took between moves with ten years. However, 2015 saw the average number of years retreat back down to what has become the new normal of nine years.

Since the housing crisis, people have been putting off moving into a new home that would be better for their current situation. This just means that as the economy and job market strengthens there are a large number of current homeowners that are overdue for a move that would put them in a house that better fits their needs.

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by Hilton Head Real Estate Partners February 09, 2016 0 comments
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