Hilton Head Homes – Spruce up Your Exterior Tip #1

by Hilton Head Real Estate Partners December 29, 2011 0 comments
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The first day of Spring in 2012 is Wednesday, March 12.  Now is the time to start preparing your home if you will be placing it on the market in the Spring or for a move in the near future.  Or perhaps you are simply looking for ways to spruce up your home’s outdoor facade.

While visiting a friend’s home for Christmas I noticed how beautiful their front door appeared since he freshly stained it.  He had been talking about doing this over the summer but decided to wait till  the heat and humidity of summer ended here in Hilton Head.  The front double door to their home is quite large and is a focal point of entry.   It  was so much more appealing than the last time we visited a few months ago.  Maybe this cost him $25.00 and an afternoon of time, but what a big difference in his curb appeal.  Hence…….

Exterior tip #1   Paint or replace your front door.

It’s amazing how much a pop of color on a front door or a fresh coat of semi-gloss can make your ‘plain Jane’ stand out from the crowd.  As long as there are no homeowner’s association restrictions, go right ahead add jazz up your door with a fresh coat of paint.  It’s a good idea to prime it first for durability.  Be the inspiration for all your neighbors – no doubt, they’ll be painting their front door in no time too !


by Hilton Head Real Estate Partners December 29, 2011 0 comments
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